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  • Oct 30, 2015
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In a country where there are a lot of cities competing for attention, how would you promote your own city? Slogan is one good way to introduce your city to the world. However, I just recently found out that Korea is not good in coming up with a slogan. Could it be because of bad English? Lack of adjectives? Or simply because they are just too lazy to think of a slogan so they simply put some random adjectives or words right before or after the city name and pooofff!!! It became a slogan!!!
Just recently, Seoul announced their new tagline. They have finally decided to change “Hi Seoul” after how many years.

And after a long time of deliberation, they have come up with a new, fresh and catchy tagline

And I was like…… I….. what?

The seemingly awkward slogan receives a lot of negative comments especially in the social media. If you will google “I SEOUL YOU MEMES”, you will definitely find out how the slogan is the center of mockery in the internet today.

We are maybe all laughing at how the new slogan of Seoul is not making any sense, but have you tried looking at the slogan of the other cities of South Korea? I think the only decent slogans I ever read so far are “Dynamic Busan”, “Evergreen Seongju”, and…… and…. Ok… no more…

I just picked my top 10 worst slogans though. I have to put a disclaimer that this is just based on my own opinion. These are the worst for me, but the other slogans maybe the most awful in your book. For the complete list of the slogans of cities of Korea, check here 

10. Smile! Geumjong

My top 10 is Smile! Geumjong !!!

If you think the phrase sounds familiar, you are right! You hear that everytime somebody takes a photo of you. So what are we going to do at Geumjong? Take selfies?

9. Bravo Ansan

You can’t simply say this slogan without the chin up while slow clapping your hands and your voice must be like that of Pavarotti….. Bravo… bravo!!!

Oh wait, did Ansan show an amazing performance? Then what are we BRAVO-ing for?

8. Creative Hwaseong

And on number 8…. Let’s show the world how creative Hwaseong is…. Let’s start with the slogan!!! Aha, very creative indeed.

7. Gimhae for you

Not for me, not for us, not for them……but for YOU!!!. Gimhae is just for you.

6. Good morning Jinha

How about at noon? Or afternoon? Or at night? I think Jinha is a morning city, it will not function well from 12 noon onwards.

5. It’s Daejeon

Oh it is? I don’t know that.

4. Aha! Suncheon

Look, somebody has just discovered Suncheon. You must put emphasis in saying “AHA”!!!! and since you put all your energy to that word, you have no choice but say Suncheon in a very small voice.

3. Let’s Goyang 

I find this annoying than witty. Obviously, this is a mock on the common phrase we are all using, the “Let’s Go!!!”…. and it’s just one syllable away from Goyang, so they simply use it. It’s so brilliant I could pull all my hair…. This deserves to be on top 3.

2. Fast Cheonan

I guess they are running out of adjectives and they need to think fast so they could come up with a slogan for the city fast, why not Fast Cheonan? A city with a lot of fast food chains, it has also fast trains in the subway and people walk fast in Cheonan, hence the slogan.

1. Pyeongtaek Super

And the top spot goes to “Pyeongtaek Super”!!!!

This is a good-very slogan.

I like how they use phrase-catchy to come up with this.

I guess Man-Super like this.

And Girl-Super too.

Maybe Man-Bat too.

Or should we change the name of the country to Korea-South!

I hope you have enjoyed the slogan more than infuriated. And I hope the cities are well represented with these awesome taglines.

Source : http://www.saranghaekorea.com/2015/10/my-top-10-worst-slogans-for-cities-of.html