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  • Jan 18, 2016
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Sorry no pictures but I can take if interested but supplying links to items so you can see if needed.  Send message here if interested.

Thermaltake Core x9 E-atx case.  It's a monster of a case!  90k obo - http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/Item/detailview/Item.aspx?goodscode=738511406...

2x EK PE 480mm radiators  65k obo - http://www.ttorysystems.com/goods/view?no=1069

XSPC 5 1/4 bay reservior/pump combo 90k obo 

Lots of fittings - various prices depending on 45/90 degree, compression, etc and brand (XSPC/Bitspower Silvershining)


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  • 2016,01,21
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