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Things to buy! Delivery available (except for the couch) as long as it's on my way. I'll accept any reasonable offer~

The Big Daddy Item: Couch

This couch is all leather... lightly used... and only 3 years old. It's in great shape... some light scuffing occured on the back the last time we moved. Can't see it if you have it against the wall. It's 3 pieces including an ottoman. Paid 1.8 million from Lotte Department Store... you can have it for 300,000(price lowered down from 700,000). Pickup or delivery arranged by the lucky new owner.

Winter's over - Buy a heater!

It's a good heater. Warms the air real nice. Make an offer.

Two items... Same Same but Different: Humidifier and Aroma Therapy Set

The humidifier was bought this past winter... kept clean. I opened it up and yanked out the LED because that changing colored light shit is annoying when you want to sleep. Make an offer.

The aroma therapy set was a gift from my sister in the states. It runs on 110v power... so if you don't have a power converter, maybe head to your local computer market and find a DC adapter that will work. I've used it a bit... but it's basically the same thing as the humidifier but you put nice smelling oils inside it so not very much. Also comes with 6 oils. Make an offer.

Outdoor stuffs!: Bench, Grill set, Coolers, Garden stuff

The bench is solid wood and heavy as hell. Good for sitting... or maybe give it a good sanding and use it inside as a low shelf. You can see it in the picture with the grill. Make an offer.

Grill set includes a nice big grill (not much to look at but she cooks steak... give her a break), charcoal chimney, remains of my charcoal stocks (got another bag not pictured) and grillin' tools. I've had parties of 15-20 people and it's done the job. Make an offer.

Coolers keep shit cold. There is a regular beer cooler... and a drink dispenser style that I make jungle juice in for said parties. Costco vodka - 17 bucks for 1.75 liters baby! Make an offer.

Various garden planters. They will hold dirt and you can grow some cilantro and be the envy of all your friends. Make an offer.

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In good condition~~