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  • May 26, 2016
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Hey everyone, I am leaving Korea after 4 years and am helping out my current school by searching for my replacement. 

The job is a part-time positon just 2 days aweek teaching elementary school students. the hours are short and the prep is minimal. The owner was willing to sponsor my visa and will be willing to sponsor the new teachers.


Academy: Jungchul jr. 
Location: Near Dongdaeshin subway station (line 1)
Schedule: Tue/Th 3:30-8pm. (Tue 3:30-6:55, Thur 3:30-8pm) each day has 3, 50 minute classes.
Pay: 30,000₩ per class

Starting Date: July 5th


All the material is planned already and you just have to teach from the books. The owner is really friendly and very easy to work with.


Please send your resume to elliott.klinger@gmail.com and I will be sure to forward it to my boss.