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  • Oct 23, 2016
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*These books are for the higher level exam, intermediate and advanced*

1. NEW TOPIK II 필수어휘 2000: 10,000won <no marks and in good condition>

-Contains over 2,000 verbs, nouns and adverbs (and also some 사자성어)

-Also has a red bookmark that conceeals the meaning

-Simple and realistic examples for each word

2. NEW TOPIK PLUS: 10, 000won <no marks and in perfect condition>

-Contains 3 topik style exams which include listening, writing and reading

-Answers and listening script are included

-Also has a vocabulary list at the back amd access to online lectures

3. TOPIK II 쓰기: 5,000won <medium condition and has some highlighted parts/marks>

-Conatins a guide on the writing process in korean and how to fill out the writing grid etc.

-Has 30 practice questions for the 'fill the blank' question.

-Has 20 short style practice questions

-Has 15 essay practice questions

*Each and every question contains a guide and helpful vocabulary and connecting expressions to help build your base

As the new topik is more difficult and quite different to the old style, and also there are not many past papers to practice, I found these books extremely helpful^^

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