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[12,000W] Christmas Lights (8 settings) - 7 meters long

[7,000 ea. / 12,000 set] Yoga Mats - lightly used

[400,000W] 27 speed mountain bike.  Size Medium.  Includes keylock, rear rack, bottle cage, bell. Specs available here: http://archive.trekbikes.com/kr/en/2010/trek/6300e#/kr/en/2010/trek/6300...

Lovely bike, communted on it for a full year.  The rear cassette and chain was replaced a year ago.

[6,000W] Yogurt Maker with starter cultures.  Easy to make homemade yogurt, add the culture to a liter of milk, put it inside and forget about it for half a day.

[10,000W] Phillips Toaster 2566HD - It makes toast.

[20,000W] 27 pc. Tool Set - Tape Measure, Razorblade, 2 pliers 6 wrenches 7 secrewdrivers, sheears, hex key set, and adjustable wrench.

Extras [Name your price]

Clothes Hamper

Trash Can