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Big plants for sale. All pick up only in KSU. 010-3701-1177

Grey base - 35,000W. This plant is super easy to take care of. No idea what it is. It's really heavy, so might be difficult to carry. 

Brown base - 25,000W. This plant is also super easy to take care of. Would be easier to carry. Does not require too much sunlight.

White base - 10,000W. I have no clue how to take care of this plant. It was originally a really cool tree-like thing, but it's quite pitiful now. However, there is new growth. Needs someone who knows what they are doing. Heavy, but the base has wheels.

We also have quite a few random small plants around the aparment - if you buy a big plant, feel free to take a look at our smaller ones at no charge :)