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My designer friend from Chiang mai sent me some bags and accessories to sell. His company is really popular in several countries all over the world
 Easy to wash, suits to anyone who want to be unique and special!
 This tipe of cotton printed eco bags are popular nowadays, because they are:
 1) all seasons wear
 2) suited to any style (except for evening dresses or Red carpet ha-ha)
 3) suit to anybody: designer, students, travellers...etc
 4) with unusual prints with best quality
 5) easy to wash in washing machine! Even after Thousand times it will not loose it's colour and forms
6) with reasonable prices
7) really good decision as Christmas or New Year present!
There are bags, backbags, perces, key chains, pencil cases, notebooks and other products in this line.
My skype For product's detail view, conversation or to see other products:
email: oceannur@naver.com