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  • Nov 27, 2016
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This is a big sale only meant for someone who is interested in getting into Netrunner, and can afford to do it.  This is my entire collection of Android Netrunner Cards.  The collection includes:

  • 24 Data Packs (The 10 data packs I do not own are listed below.)
  • 2 x Core Set
  • 4 x Deluxe Expansions (all available)
  • 2 x World Champion Decks
  • 2 x Playmat

(missing data packs: A Study in Static, Second Thoughts, Mala Tempora Upstalk, Up and Over, The Sourece, Breaker Bay, Chrome City, Old Hollywood, and The Universe of Tomorrow.)

All cards are neatly organized into two large binders and there is a tube for the playmat.

I spent 640,000 won on the entire collection, and would like to sell for 400,000.  All cards are in pristine condition and organized, you will find no quality issues with any of the cards.

Questions, concerns, pictures, please use the email notification and I'll respons promtly.