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  • Jan 04, 2017
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New Year Purge

Put your name in for items that I'll have to keep until around January 14. 

*Electric fan 3' high, adjustable neck/ oscillation, 3 speeds, smooth and quiet. 15,000

*Brown leather, size 7 Rover boots (women's, med, mid-shin uppers) with polish, 10,000 (will soon need new soles and heels)

*Pullover wool sweater (women's), charcoal grey and with cream and sparkled cat image on the front (medium/34-36), 3,000

*FREE multiple (6) skirt hanger with clips; pants/skirts hanger (fits up to 4 at a time)

*Cookware:  medium stew pot with lid and serving utensils, all for 5,000 ; mixing bowl, 2,000;  FREE 2-cup ceramic teapot (yellow); Korean, clay plant pot, 2000.

*FREE Wood framed, wall/desktop mirror, ~50cm X 100cm

*Crockery: 4-place set with 4-5 pieces each in mod style. 10,000/whole set; 5 ceramic mugs, white with fruit pattern, 1,000 ea. or 3,000 all; storage jars (2 small cookie/candy, 2 small herb/seed/sauce) and a bakery tin. 12,000w for the entire lot.

*Garment bag, dark green and unisex, with hook to be used for storage, and shoulder strap for tavel. Some tears in the lining. 5,000.

*FREE assorted cutlery/ serving utensils, including egg flipper and big spoon. 

*Cushions: one solid, foam ergonomic pillow, yellow-green, hand-washable cover (10,000); 4 cream cotton, quilt style seat pads (3,000ea or 10,000/4) 

*FREE floor runner/ exercise mat (1.5m, pale pink)

*FREE one Indonesian rattan food tray;


*FREE plastic, green and white placemats.

*Grey and cream shawl with snowflake design, 4,000; FREE light, long scarf, black polka-dots on pale blue

*FREE stove-top kettle.

*FREE hair blower (2-speed, twist nozzle) ??

*FREE 2 yellow plastic buckets

*FREE seer-sucker striped curtains (no rod), pea green and white