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WinK Travels

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Hey Everyone!

In Korea, East Coast has the fine white sandy beaches and real waves! Surfing anyone?!!^^ It’s also where Seoraksan is with mountain hiking at its best in Korea. An irresistible combination and a must on your list of things to do.


With wetsuits to keep you warm and the sun beating down, you’ll be warm and ready for a day on the waves - whether you’re a beginner or a surf master. If you're a beginner, we'll have an instructor to ease you in. Otherwise, rent a wetsuit and surfboard and head right in! And If you are not into surfing, you can just relax and enjoy the lovely sandy beach. Couple of convenient stores nearby to get drinks that will quench your thirst!

And if you are an experienced surfer let us know. If you help folks get up and going, your rental charge will be waved!


Get ready to take on one of the most famous mountains in Korea! Ulsan Boulder Trail open and is about a 4 hour hike (round trip) on the north side. You’ll be rewarded with amazing views of the East Sea while surrounded by behemoth granite boulders.

Or if you prefer to skip the hiking part you can glide up the mountain via cable car for only 10,000 if you’d prefer! A giant bronze Buddha and Sinheungsa Temple (신흥사) offer a look at ancient Buddhism, while a traditional tea house nearby allows you to try your hand at authentic tea brewing and tasting for free - although donations are welcome.

And let’s not forget very tasty bibimbob and seafood pancakes and makgeolli which is available in several spots in the park valley.  Excellent way to enjoy the park and relax.


If you want to do the giant Seoraksan hike to the main peak (Daecheongbong (대청봉) peak at 1,708 meters (5,603 feet), the 3rd highest mountain in Korea) we can drop you off at the starting point of the hiking trail at Osaek at 3AM. It’s about 4 hour hike (more or less) to the top (대청봉). After the peak the waterfalls and endless number of water pools at Chunbuldong Valley will give you opportunities to dip your feet in the water and take breaks and enjoy nature’s beauty.  At the bottom of the hike is Bisundae where you can get makgeolli and seafood pancake to quench your thirst. You then have till 3:30PM to meet the bus at the entrance of the Seorak park. That’s plenty of time to take in all of the beauty of Seorak at its best.

Even though it is summer time, hiking this way avoids the heat. You begin the hike at night time when it’s coolest.  Then once you approach the top the heat goes away for a very cool atmosphere all along the top. Then on the way to the bottom the numerous access to fresh water allows you to stay cool all the way to the bottom.  Its really the best way to beat the heat of summer.


Our beachfront motel is less than a minute walk from the sand! Bring a beach towel and shades and we’ll provide the speakers and beats! Campfire anyone? And for dinner there are so many options: Korean Pork BBQ, Pizza and Fried Chicken, or Korean Seafood such as Clam BBQ or Spicy Fresh Fish Stew! ETC.


With the following weekend being Buddha’s Birthday weekend, this clifftop temple will be decked out with colourful lanterns all around, and features a Goddess Buddha statue towering over it. Only a ten minute walk along the beach and pay 3,000 KRW for admission at the door.


8/19 (Fri)

10:30PM Suwon Station Possible (Check with us)

11:30PM Depart Seoul Nat. Univ. of Education Station (교대역) Exit #14 (walk 1 min to WinK bus)

11:45PM Dongcheon Station (동천역) Pickup Exit #1 (Shin Bundang Line) by the Tollway

8/20 (Sat)

2:30AM Arrive Seorak (Osaek)

3:00AM Start Hike (Giant Hike Option)

3:15AM Arrive Motel (Surfing Option)

11:00AM Depart to go Surfing! (Surfing Option)

11:30AM Sandwich Lunch

12:30PM Surfing and Beach Time!

4:00PM Depart Seorak Mountain (Giant Hike Option)

5:00PM Depart from Surfing (Surfing Option)

7:00PM Cheeseburger Dinner!

Beach party!

8/21 (Sun)

8:30AM Breakfast

Chill at the Beach

9:30AM Depart for Seoraksan

(Or Sleep In and Take Later Bus at 2:30PM)

Ulsan Boulder Hike or Cable Car to Top

Alternate Shorter Hiking Trails or Hangout By Stream and Pool

Tea House

2:30PM Depart Beach Motel

3:00PM Depart Seoraksan All together

7:00PM Arrive Seoul National Univ. of Education (교대역) Station Exit #14

Arrival and departure times may vary due to unforeseen conditions.

Surfing Depends on Wave Conditions. In the worst case they say waves may be too low which means we will just have to swim in the ocean. But the chances are that there will be good waves for us.


1. Everyone has different fitness levels. We have seen many times a hike is relatively easy for someone and at the same time the most difficult thing for someone else. Make sure you are aware of the difficulty level of any hike.

2. Hiking Shoes are suggested but not a requirement to enter the mountain. Ankle support hiking shoes help protect your ankle when walking down on uneven surfaces and step on something the wrong way.

3. The shelter at the peak sell water so just need to have enough for 3-4 hours. Perhaps two small bottles if you drink more.

4. Hiking alone is highly not recommended. Always hike with at least one other person.

5. Cell Phones work in most parts of Korean hiking trails. Make sure to have enough battery power so you can call for help if needed.

6. Stretching before starting a hike is recommended.

7. Energy snacks give you boost of energy for the hike.

8. Flashlight or Torch


We will be staying at a nice motel less than a minute walk from the beach. The rooms are Korean Ondol Style (good for 3 or 4 people) but also they have rooms with a double bed for double occupancy at extra cost.


Burger made to order. You can ask for grilled onions or grilled mushrooms or grilled Jalapenos to be added as well as double cheese or extra tomatoes. We will have some to go boxes so you can take the burgers to the beach and have a beach side dinner!  If you know you are a big eater when hungry add 3,000 for second burger.


We will take some good cheese and ham or salami and tomatoes and such to make nice self serve sandwiches and potato chips at the beach.


We will serve Assorted Bagels you can toast and have with cream cheese and hot beverages.


The cost of this trip is 89,000 KRW if deposit on or before 7/21 and includes:

1. Round Trip Private Chartered Bus

2. Two Night Motel Shared Lodging (One Night for Giant Hike Option)

3. Saturday Sandwiches for Lunch (Surfing Option)

4. Sunday Breakfast with Hot Beverages

5. Cheeseburger Dinner Event

6. Trip Leader

After 7/21 and before 7/28 the cost of trip is 91,000 KRW

After 7/28 and before 8/4 the cost of trip is 93,000 KRW

After 8/4 and before 8/11 the cost of trip is 95,000 KRW

After 8/11, the cost of trip is 97,000 KRW.

SUBTRACT 15,000 for Big Hike Option

ADD 30,000 won to rent board for 3 hours.

ADD 10,000 won to rent suit for 3 hours.

ADD 80,000 won for beginner’s surfing lesson (included wetsuit and surfing board rental)

ADD 5,000 won per person per night for a 3 person private room.

ADD 15,000 won per person per night for a 2 person private room.

Seoraksan Entry costs 3,500 won which you can pay at entrance.


2,000 KRW off for each person of a group of 5 to 9.

3,000 KRW off to each person of a group of 10 or more.

*TO APPLY: The group leader must email all names that will receive the discount from which point all deposits from those on that list must be received within 24 hours.*


2,000 KRW off for having attended 1 or 2 trips.

3,000 KRW off for having attended 3 or 4 trips.

5,000 KRW off for having attended 5 to 9 trips.

10,000 KRW off for having attended 10 or more trips.

**TO APPLY: List all of the trips you have been on in your confirmation email after making your deposit.**

Please email at wheninkorea@gmail.com for sign up information. 

List of all upcoming trips at:


Seoul - Korea (South)

Saturday, August 20 at 11:30 PM



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