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photoClimbing In Korea

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Super Sunday special canoeing funtime happy awesomeness! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hey CIK'ers!

Oh no!!! Tomorrow is Monday. It's back to work. Boo hoo :(

But!!! How about beating those Monday blues by making Sunday such an amazing awesome day that you can spend Monday recalling the great time you shared with friends and the delicious dinner you had that will make you forget that it's Monday, and that you hate your job... Well, maybe you don't hate your job. Whatever you do, whoever you are, let's start the new working week with a head full of fun times had!

Let's go canoeing!!!

Yes! What a great way to make those fun times happen by joining us on Sunday to enjoy the beautiful Chuncheon lakes on a relaxing and fun, winter day trip, canoeing and dining with friends.

What's the plan?

Here's the plan! First, get yourself to Namchuncheon stn. dressed in your warm and comfy winter clothes.

Next, hustle for a seat on the shuttle bus that will take us to our destination and chat with your friends about what a great Sunday today is going to be because you are going canoeing with CIK!

When you arrive, get excited as you spot the canoes waiting for you and your friends, rocking gently on the beautiful and tranquil lakes of Chuncheon, beckoning you to climb in and take them on a tour around the lakes.

Once in your canoe, set sail for fun and relaxation! with 3 hours of canoeing time that will take you through the islands of Chuncheon lakes.

During your time canoeing, take a break, drink a hot beverage, enjoy some snacks, take in the scenery, visit an animation museum. What! Wait! Hold on! 'animation museum'??? That's right. And why not? There's no reason an animation museum should not be located at Chuncheon lakes for you to take an interesting and insightful stroll around.

Okay, You're still with me? good. I can hear a rumbling in your belly. I reckon it's time to get ourselves to a delicious dakgalbi restaurant nearby and wind down the trip with great food and chat with your CIK friends.

Finally. I know you won't want to leave, but, alas, all good things must come to an end and it's time for you to head back to your cozy warm home and tuck yourself into bed to dream about the great day you just had. Ready for work on Monday...

Canoe route guide

Here's a great route we have prepared we recommend you take. The blue line indicates the outward journey, the yellow line shows the route back.

You can enjoy a break and visit the animation museum if you like at the middle point in the route.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Summary ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Meet: Namchuncheon stn. on Gyungchun line, exit 1 (outside).

Date and Time: December 11th, Sunday at 11:45am

Travel: A shuttle bus will be provided. It will take approx. 15 minutes.

Activities: Canoeing, relaxing, animation studio, restaurant Fee: 10,000won by December 4th / 15,000won after (for canoeing)

Return: We have estimated a 8pm arrival time back at Seoul. However the schedule is subject to change, and if you do need to head back earlier, we are more than happy to help arrange for you.

**50 spots on the trip are first come, first served based on whoever pays first. Also, bring extra cash if you would like to join us for dinner afterwards.**

Don't miss out! Sign up early, we hope to see you there :)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Notes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A few Notes:

1. What to bring : Appropriate footwear for canoeing, Clothing appropriate for the weather, Packed lunch to eat while canoeing, Snacks, Plenty of water and etc.

2. Be extra careful while canoeing. As you know, CIK is always a big group so we will need to help each other and stick together. If we help each other, it will be an awesome day.

3. Since CIK will not be held responsible for any injuries that may occur on any hiking trip, we highly recommend that you have your own personal form of medical insurance prior to attending all outings.

4. Listen carefully to the organizers while canoeing.

5. Our schedule and time might change according to weather, traffic, and etc. Please be flexible; we are all here to have a good time.

How to sign up for this trip:

1. RSVP Yes!

2. Deposit money to:

Name: Kim Sung Won

Bank: Kookmin(KB) Bank

Account Number: 465101-01-028988

3. After you have made the deposit, please e-mail me at with your full name on your account, phone number,amount paid and for what trip.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Legal stuff ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

LIABILITY: While CIK is very considerate of the needs of its members, we cannot be held responsible for a hiker's possessions, health, and/or safety so we highly recommend that you have your own personal form of medical insurance prior to attending all outings.

**Refund Policy**

6 days before departure = 100% refund of deposit(December 4th or earlier)

48 hours to 5 days before departure = 50% (December 5th-December 7th)

48 hours before departure to departure = 0% (December 8th or later)

~Hope to see you there~

Gangwon-do - Korea (South)

Sunday, December 11 at 11:45 AM


Cream Pain Reliever
  • Festival
  • 2017,01,18
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Cream Pain Reliever

사업자 : 주식회사 국제교류진흥원 | 사업자번호 : 214-88-23731 | 대표자,개인정보관리책임자 : 류도영 | 주소 : 서울 서초구 서초동 1678-4 지웰타워 1301호 | TEL : 02-501-7151

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