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photoClimbing In Korea

Hello CIKers!

Let`s go to the Palbongsan (8 peak mountain) in Hongcheon, Gangwondo. We can enjoy the mountain and climbing some walls at the same time.

This season CIK is mixing it up again, with double the fun. Not only will the Palbongsan hike, but as an added bonus, any and all interested members will be able to try their hand at rock climbing. So come spend the day hiking at Palbongsan and climbing some walls.

Palbongsan is known to be one of the most beautiful mountains with Hongcheon river flowing on 3 sides of the mountain. There are 8 small peaks 327.4m at the highest so the hike should be around 3-4 hours.

The hike is only moderately difficult, with only a few steep and rocky areas. Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to spend a fantastic day with friends both new and old as you enjoy  this wonderful hike and take in the breathtaking scenery.  

After the hike, you have two options:

1. Outdoor Wall Rock Climbing! The practice gym will teach us how to safely rock climb. It will take around 2 hours. If you want to climb, you should bring an extra fee of 1,000won per person. All equiment will be provided.


2. Hang out and relax. For those who do not want to outdoor wall rock climbing, you can just relax and meet some new friends!

A few Notes:

1. Please check the headline to know how many seats are left, we will be posting anouncements for the last ten spots. And as always it the First to pay gets the spot so if you want to come please pay as soon as possible!

2. Be extra careful while hiking. As you know, CIK is always a big group so we will need to help each other and stick together. This means slowing down for some and speeding up for some. If we help each other, it will be an awesome day.

3. The hike will have steep sections and will involve a lot of rocky terrain, so footwear appropriate for hiking is a must.

4. Since CIK will not be held responsible for any injuries that may occur on any hiking trip, we highly recommend that you have your own personal form of medical insurance prior to attending all outings.

5. Hiking schedule and time might change according to weather, traffic, and etc. Please be flexible; we are all here to have a good time.

Fee: 20,000won by November 13th / 25,000won after(Round tranportation and entrance fee)-44 Spots on the trip are first come, first served based on whoever pays first.

Our Plan:

When: Saturday, November 19th

Where to Meet-7:45am Sport complex Stn. Line 2 (#218) ,exit 1 outside.

What to bring - Suitable shoes, Wear layers including warm clothing (a warm coat/jacket), Packed lunch (to eat while hiking), Money for dinner (We'll stop on the way back to Seoul), Snacks, Plenty of water

7:50 Depart from Sport complex stn

10:00 Arrive at the Hongcheon, Gangwon-do

10:30-15:00 Hike at Palbongsan

16:00~18:00 Outdoor Rcok climbing or hang out and relax

18:30 Depart to Seoul

20:30 Arrive back in Seoul

Note: Our schedule and time might change according to weather, traffic, and etc. Please be flexible; we are all here to have a good time!

How to sign up for this trip:

1. RSVP Yes!

2. Deposit money to:

Name: Kim Seong Won

Bank: Kookmin(KB) Bank

Account Number: 465101-01-028988

3. After you have made the deposit, please e-mail me at with your full name on your account, phone number,amount paid and for what trip.

LIABILITY: While CIK is very considerate of the needs of its members, we cannot be held responsible for a hikers possessions, health, and/or safety.

**Refund Policy**

6 days before departure = 100% refund of deposit(November 13th or earlier)

48 hours to 5days before departure = 50% (November 14th-November 16th)

48 hours before departure to departure = 0% (November 17th or later)

Hope to see ya there!

Seoul - Korea (South)

Saturday, November 19 at 7:45 AM


Cream Pain Reliever
  • Festival
  • 2017,01,18
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Cream Pain Reliever

사업자 : 주식회사 국제교류진흥원 | 사업자번호 : 214-88-23731 | 대표자,개인정보관리책임자 : 류도영 | 주소 : 서울 서초구 서초동 1678-4 지웰타워 1301호 | TEL : 02-501-7151

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