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Seoul Hiking Nature Group


How to enjoy hiking in Gamaksan & Herb Island!
See you tomorrow! Excited!

-We will prepare rain ponchos for everyone just in case of rain!
-It will be a bit warmer than couple of days before, and as soon as start hiking it will be sweating, make it sure to zip open to cool off not to get sweat!

8km/4~5 Hour, (leaving for Herb island at 4PM)
Beomryunsa Temple 범륜사 -> A fork(meeting fork) ->
Imggeokjeong Bong 임꺽정봉 -> Peak 정상 ->
A fork(meeting fork) -> Beomryunsa Temple 범륜사

the trail starts from Beomryunsa Temple 범륜사 and finish.
the begining of 1.7km is paved to the meeting place 만남의 광장.
then there are 3 trails to the peak.
We choose to hike the left ridge trail to the peak and down the right ridge trail.
The middle trail is valley and shortest to the peak.

There is a delicious mountain vegetables bibimbap restaurant at the temple.
Anyone can finish till 3pm and then can have bibimbap with 4,000 won!

there is a restaurant selling stew or prk cutlet around 8,000~10K won.
The entrance is group discounted 4,000won(normal 6,000won)

Hi~! all!

We will take you to Mt,Gamaksan,the longest suspension bridge and the closest mountain to the DMZ,view to North Korea territory and Herb Island for its romantic beautiful illumination at night !

Gamak-san is a mountain of great prominence. Rising dramatically from the southern plain of the Imjin River right next to DMZ area, its sharp rocky summit watches north over the DMZ, and allows for probably the best available mountain views into North Korea from western Gyeonggi-do.

On a clear day one can trace the mountains of the north stretching toward the city of Gaeseong (free trading city of South Korea and North Korea), among waves of blue ridge folding into the little-known horizon.

This has led to Gamak-san being coined 'Closest mountain to the DMZ', which is not strictly true and draws a large number of its visitors for this reason.

Due to this reason, even the temple on this mountain has a wishing pagoda of peaceful unification and the top of mountain has the statue of The Holy Mother Mary!

Gamak-san’s dominance over the landscape is reflected in the 'ak' of its name, suggesting prominence and presence. It's the 5 most beautiful rocky mountain in Gyeonggi-do, and also getting popular for its longest suspension bridge 150 meter.

After hiking on this mountain, we will drop by "Pocheon Herb Island" which is boasting off the beauty of illumination of the garden at night!

Herb Island focuses on growing Mediterranean herbs. The Herb Indoor Botanical Garden offers over 180 different herbs while the Outdoor Botanical Garden showcases a dazzling array of herbs surrounded by nature. Additional attractions include the Herb Museum, Living & Herb Exhibition Hall, Herb Restaurant, Herb Barbecue Restaurant, a café, a bakery, a gift shop, Aroma Therapy Center, Venetia Village, Herb Studio (do-it-yourself crafting), Mini Zoo and an outdoor performance hall.

Please hurry to sign up!

Spread the word~

� Bus pick up at: Just in case of you need, Warren 01086069904


- The bus runs on an EXACT schedule. Please come 20~30 MINUTES EARLIER

- Express bus terminal station is huge mega station.

- Please, use a RESTROOM(subway station) before boarding the bus.

740AM Hapjeong,out exit8, in front of 711.

750AM Sinyongsan,(신용산역),exit2(from Yongsan stn, walk to white huge LStower,check the map below)

8AM Express bus terminal,(고속터미널역),line3&7,9 crossing,out of exit8

10AM trail head

There are 5Hour hike/3Hour hike/Easy stroll of free hiking

4PM leave for Herb Island( entrance fee is 7K won,whoever doesn't want can have more time of dinner)

7PM back to seoul, 8PM getting off at City hall

� Prepare: bring less so you can experience more!

Pack for a day: backpack of 15~25liter,

- Comfortable shoes for walking;

- A bottle of water(500ml*2);

- Snacks for lunch on the trails;

- Trail mix;

- Camera;

-An open mind to enjoy hiking and make friends;

- Cash for dinner after hiking;

� We never cancel hiking because of rain or whatever weather.

It’s about learning how to enjoy life, even with the rain~!

Even if it rains:

1. It doesn’t rain all day.

2. After the rain, the refreshing air would be the best

3. After a rainy day, the valley is full of water! The sound is amazing and feels good!

4. Clouds usually form very scenic photos

5. Rainy days scare off most of hikers, thus making it less crowded

6. It’s cool when it’s a hot day!

7. 1,000won plastic raincoats are a perfect to enjoy hiking on a rainy day


� How to join:


1. Must RSVP this page of event (especially, when you bring your friends please ask them join and share the event!)

All the upcoming events! like it! subscribe it! ->


2. Please wire in advance

Fund : 32,000won includes, chartered bus,Trip leader, snacks(muffin, banana)

Optional Activities : Herb Island (7,000won at the ticket office)

Bank name: Kookmin Bank

Bank number: 762301-04-223562, 김승일 (Seoul Hiking)

* if you pay the day of the event ONLY IF SPOTS ARE AVAILABLE

* Paypal 30USD to seoulhiking@gmail.com

* DON'T MISS EARLY BIRD discount :

~ Nov,11th,Fri : -3,000won,

~ Nov,18th,Fri : -2,000won

� Group discount : -₩5,000 per person when you have more than 4 people to wire money all together , and send the list of names to seoulhiking@gmail.com

4). After you wire the money, please copy and modify the following and post it on Facebook OR if you don’t want to post, please e-mail to seoulhiking@gmail.com (Please,DO NOT message on meetup or facebook)

�------copy & modify--start-->

1).TITLE : Gamaksan The Longest Suspension Bridge,Herb Island Garden Illumination


3).BUS DISCOUNT : for those who came to previous BUS trips AT LEAST

1~2times:-₩1,000 / 3~4times:-₩2,000 / 5times more : -₩3,000

4).SUM OF FEE : basic fee - early bird - bus discount


6).BUS STOP(choose one,delete the rest) : Hapjeong/ Sinyongsan stn/Express bus terminal/

�------copy & modify--finish-->


You can go to any bank and tell the banker that you need to transfer money to "Kookmin bank”

Bank number: 762301-04-223562, 김승일 (Seoul Hiking) ".

You can also use any ATM machine or you CAN ASK your co-workers and friends for help.




In order to get a refund you must include the following: Bank information, trip name, bank name, account number and how much you wired.

* There is a 5,000won cancellation fee for those that cancel from now and 3 days prior to the trip. You do however, have the option to save the money for credit for future trips (avoid the cancellation fee!)


-For those that cancel 48-24 hours before departure, you are eligible for a 50% refund or 50%+3,000won to have a credit for future trip

-For those that cancel 24 hours before departure you may use 10,000won as credit towards future trips. OR 13,000won to have a credit for future trip

-IF you fail to show up, you will not get a refund.

*You can sell your ticket(payment) to other people,so other people can take your spot,then you can get money from other people.


� About Safety Guide



Seoul Hiking Group will not be held liable for any risks/injuries involved during your trip. You are responsible for your own safety. Furthermore, we are not responsible for any loss/damage(s) of your personal belongings.

If this is your first trip with the Seoul Hiking Group, please take time to read this thoroughly:



� Outdoor Nature is good for us! So many mental and physical benefits!

� Trips are open to everyone. New-comers are more than welcome!

� Love nature~! Let’s explore and experience all that South Korea has to offer!

� Embrace Culture and meet same-minded People

� People come together and make life long memories with the SEOUL HIKING GROUP~!

Save friends from smoky bars! Invite them along and show them all that Korea has to offer~!

Have a nice day~!


Seoul - Korea (South)

Saturday, November 26 at 8:00 AM



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