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Seoul Hiking Nature Group

the hiking trails are very clear as most of 90% of all the hikers will do the same route which is the shortest and pass by the Manggyeongsa temple.
There should be many groups of other hiking group ,so it would not be confusing, but it'd better hike together with seoul hiking group.
Save number just in case of need!

ticketing gate -> 1.7km/60min -> Janggunbawui 장군바위 -> 10 min -> Banjae 반재 -> 1.7km -> Manggyeongsa Temple 망경사 -> 10 min -> Cheonjedan 천제단 alter

TITLE : Taebaeksan Snow Festival 태백산눈축제,Hiking Taebaeksan One of 3 Spiritual Mountains

Hi~! all!

Snowing winter is coming and the Gangwon province shows off the untouched white snow mountain and snow festival !

Taebaeksan is getting crowded only in winter with this snowy festival and with the beautiful snowed mountains. Taebaeksan especially one of 3 most sacred mountains in Korea, on top of the mountain there is an altar to pray for heaven!

So,we will take you to The Taebaeksan Snow Festival Korea (태백산눈축제) is one of the nation’s premier winter festivals!

Do you want to see the giant snow statue from movie characters, fairtales and celebrities? want to have a tea or coffee in giant ice igloo? and a range of other winter-themed artwork from home and abroad. Then, definitely join to enjoy the amazing winter fun activities

There will also be a wide variety of amusement facilities such as a snow tunnel, slide and rafting area as well as snow and ice sculptures.

A number of other interactive programs such as snow sledding and other fun games will be held during the festival period. The festival full of fun and excitement will be the best winter destination providing worthwhile memories for adults dreams of happiness for kids.

We will have a best itinerary to enjoy the magnificient snowy Taebaeksan and snow festival together!

We leave friday night to void heavy traffic on Saturday morning and to enjoy the whole Saturday!(if we leave Saturday morning,the it would be estimated time arrival 1PM at snow fest and not enough time)

We will arrive there around 4AM at the festival area and we will take you to jjimjilbang if you want and it will be great chance to experience to sleep on the heating floor and enjoy sauna!

or for the stunning hiking on the fesh snow trail and to see the sunrise, we will form a group and hike at 4AM right away when we get there!

♣ Suggested Itinerary :

A). Relax At Jjimjibang(common room to sleep and bath,gaun) -> 9AM.Morning Hike on your own( as the hiking trail is simple enough to follow the direction signs -> Festival -> 5PM head to seoul

B). As soon as we arrive there.4AM,SunriseHike->Relax Jjimjibang ->Festival

-> 5PM head to seoul

C). Free itinerary.Relax at Jjimjibang-> no hiking, Festival Only.

♣ Taebaek Snow Festival

- regarded as one of the most three spiritual mountain(TaeBaeksan,Jirisan,Manisan) in Korea.

- there are used to have many ceremonies for the important national special events (such as, starting place of parade of torch for Olympic,etc)

- To see sunrising in this mountaion from the east sea you can see lines of pilgrime of hikers even before the dawn.The best sunrising at this mountain.

- the trails in this mountain are quite well arranged and good to walk.not such a rocky terrain nor steep trails.

2 types : Festival area, Danggol parking lot 당골주차장 -> to the peak

*short: 2Hour up/1.5H down,

*long 5-hour hike: 2H up/1.5H, 1 more peak / 1.5H down

5,000won for deposit, will be refunded.

Most of trails snow would be packed and good to walk.

Some steep part will be helped with fences and poles on the trail. However the crampons give you stable grabs on your shoes,it's very quick and simple to hook on your shoes.It's safer to walk snow-covered path as it is cushioning and soft.


♣ How to Join 참가신청!

❂ Please RSVP to the event and wire the money ASAP. First wired and then confirmed~!

1) Join Seoul hiking group then RSVP on the event.


Bank name: Kookmin Bank

Bank account number: 762301-04-223562

My account name: 김승일(Seoul Hiking))

♣ 38,000won.include bus,entrance fee to festival,Coal Museum,trip leader (does not include Jjimjilbang 10k won)

from the basic fee 38K won, 3가지 할인 방법!


- ₩3,000: ~ Friday,Dec, 24th

- ₩2,000: ~ Friday,Jan, 7th

♣ FREQUENT BUS TRIPS for those who have been on but trip with us previously: If you traveled with the Seoul Hiking Group before:

1~2times:-₩1,000 / 3~4times:-₩2,000 / 5times more : -₩3,000

♣ GROUP DISCOUNT(more than 5 person) -3,000won per person

- email to seoulhiking@gmail.com (list of full names more than 5 people, the EXACT time and date of each person money wired)

3)Copy and Modify below and post on the event. then finish! or email to seoulhiking@gmail.com

------------Copy and modify--------

1. TITLE: Jan,21,Sat, Taebaeksan Snow Festival 태백산눈축제,Hiking Taebaeksan One of 3 Spiritual Mountains

2. FULL NAME : (please mention names when you wire money for others)

3. EXACT TIME, DATE and how much ₩ you wired :

4. choose ONE PLACE to be picked up: Hapjeong,Sinyongsan station, Express Bus Terminal, Jukjeon)

--------------copy and modify-------------


(check below for map)

♣ Pickup

11PM Hapjeong,exit8, walk 100 steps ,pass the 7/11 ,in front of GS building

Just in case of you need, Eric 01052609961

1115 Sinyongsan stn,신용산역,line4,,exit2,in front of Toyota

1130 Express Bus terminal, out of exit8, not 8-1,not8-2

1150 Dongcheon station in Jukjeon,highway

Map of pickup(please,firstcomers must read the below link!)


Main festival area,Jjimjilbang,

- Anyone can join sunrise hike starts at 4AM. Stove and pot will boil water at the shelter of the top.bring your water,instant tea,coffee,

-Anyone can join morning Hiking starts in front of Jjimjilbang,

Departs for Seoul,

arrive approx. at 9PM depending on traffic

(No exception to anyone,any friends.equal to anyone)


1.fill the form ->


2.email to seoulhiking@


Refund for Trip name

* There is a 5,000 won cancellation fee for those that cancel 3 days prior to the trip. You do however, have the option to save the money for credit for future trips (avoid the cancellation fee!)


-For those that cancel 48-24 hours before departure, you are eligible for a 15,000 refund \

-For those that cancel 24 hours before departure you may use 10,000won

*IF you fail to show up, you will not get a refund.


♣ First Timers~! To Enjoy sheer joy of weekend trip more pleasantly PLEASE TAKE TIME TO ENJOY READING BELOW!



Seoul - Korea (South)

Friday, January 20 at 11:00 PM



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