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photoSeoul Hiking Nature Group


 - main resort for the 2018 winter olympics, best&largest in korea,


 - deeply snowed,10minutes by bus from resort, snowy nature hill, ice frozen river, crunchy crunchy snow hike up the horse farm and sliding on nature slope! BBQ party! sheep farm


 - best ski/snowboard gear PREPARED,rental, clothings,LIFT TICKET all at once

#Cheeseburger, making sandwich, Burritos, homyfood 

#BBQdinner - beef,cheese,onion,tomato,lots of veggie mix,bun

#breakfast - cheese,egg,bacon,salsa sauce,bun(tortilla)


- 98,000won early bird fee till 25th,Nov to best resort includes all of (Bus, Pension, Lift, SKI/Board rental, Dinner Party~)

- 45% discount for extra slope time,using spa in resort!

Hi~! everyone~!

Seoul HIking Group will take you to the Yongpyeong resort to enjoy ski! and snow-capped mountain pension on Dec,17~18th! We have been for 9th years in a row and got the best deal!

Cities in winter are cold but just couple of hours driving from city it's snow world of full of fun! December is the best time to kick off the bed and hit the slopes and try out what Yongpyeong Ski Resort has to offer!

One of the benefits with going with the Seoul Hiking Group is our group has exclusive access to the rental shops. This makes it easier (and faster) to get your snowboarding/skiing gear; board, boots, poles, pants, jackets, goggles and gloves etc.

Korea is well known for having great ski resorts in the Gangwondo area. When you book alone, you need to reserve a pension in advanced, wait in long lines to get lift tickets, rent gear and find your own transportation out to the resort. However, with the Seoul Hiking Group, we have all that planned and organized already for you~!

Let’s enjoy the winter months by enjoying the outdoors. Let’s take advantage of Korea’s largest and BEST ski resort with the best deal and organized ski trip of seoul hiking group!

** Hurry to join this awesome skiing/snowboarding event. 
Spots are limited, there are only 42 spots available! **

❂ Early Bird discount(₩98,000won) is running from now- Friday Dec, 2nd

₩106,000 includes below everything!

❂ Chartered Bus
❂ Lift ticket: All day Saturday12PM - 430PM (GONDOLA included)
❂ Ski or snowboard rental
❂ Pension +Cheese burger dinner + Burrito (or sandwich) breakfast
❂ Discount for the sauna and etc. in the resort
❂ For beginners: guide at rental shop and free instructions on the slopes
❂ (Optional) Sunday skiing/SB lift and rental fee, hanging out near the snowy pension
❂ Free instructions
❂ Great company!


1. Yongpyeong resort:
-Widely known as the best and largest resort in Korea!
-The resort features 28 slopes
-The longest course is 5.5km! (The longest course at the Phoenix Resort is only 2.4km)
-Waiting time for lifts is less than 5 minutes (resorts near Seoul are overcrowded with never-ending lines)

2. Sunday (optional) ski:
There is an additional fee of 48,000won for the lift and ski/snowboard rental. In order to get this package, you need to inform the Seoul Hiking Group in advanced so we can organize this accordingly (payment is required before Saturday night)

3. Free instructions for beginners! There will be free lessons provided for beginner skiers/ snowboarders. Don’t worry if this is your first time!

4. Snow capped hill pension!
-anyone just discover hills,ice frozen rivers and enjoy crunchy crunchy walking! Horse farm, the scenic places reminds of somewhere in Mongolia!
we can make some natural slopes, find a hill and with shovel we can make to enjoy natural riding!.
- another things ,to wonder around village,find small cafe all decorated with christmasy trees,jazzy music, have some cup of tea,coffee!
- enjoy sauna at rural city , it would be so healing!
- 8,000won taxi ride to the best well-known Seonjaryeong snow hiking path! also you can visit sheep farm to feed the sheep and take the picturesque picture of whole town

♣ For beginners: Instructions for snowboarding/skiing
Easy as easy to start to learn how to ride bicycles!

Learning how to ride a board (or to ski) is similar to learning how to ride a bicycle! If you believe that you are going to stand up and ride down that slope, you can do it! One of the most important and crucial things about learning how to ski/snowboard for the first time is, you shouldn’t be afraid of falling down. It’s all about the learning process. On the plus side, unlike riding a bike, you’re falling down on fluffy snow!
Once you get the swing of things, you’ll be a professional flying down the hills in no time!



Beginner Skiing Lesson #1-1 - Getting Started and Equipment

-will be prepared by the rental shop

-you've already provided your height and foot size, so there will be gear already arranged for the beginners (they will also do a fitting with you to make sure things fit properly!)

-We will choose a fitting slope for the beginners. This means, you have time to practice all together and watch out for each other.
-The best thing is to try and try! FIGHTING~!
- Instructiors and some other experienced members will be around to instruct, guide and help you for 1-2 hours.

-when you finally feel comfortable to do things on your own, you can go check out other slopes!

♣ SAFETY : J-turn slide for Snowboard, S-line for the Ski. going straight is the main reason to crush to others and the accident.
Ski/SB and soccer is the sports that get the most injury among all the sports.maybe except some more in extreme sports.

❂ prepare snacks (I suggest for you to keep some snacks in pockets when you are on the slope for the long ride of lift)

❂ use a SMALL BACKPACK to bring some clothes to change into later (could also be cushion for when you fall)

❂ buy cheap pants: since there is plenty of time before the actual trip, I encourage you to start looking to buy some warm clothing. This includes; windproof pants(and jacket), fleece/wool sweaters etc. You can find some cheap clothing ON or even some underground subway shops. Once you become more experienced, you may want to invest in some expensive, higher quality items.

♣ How to Join

❂ Join the event and book a spot as soon as possible. There are always spots available unless otherwise stated! If we don’t have any spots available, we will change the event title to say “FULL”.

❂ This is a popular trip, so spots fill up rather quickly. Join the event and book a spot as soon as possible. There are always spots available unless otherwise stated! If we don’t have any spots available, we will change the event title to say “FULL”.

❂ Please RSVP to the event and wire the money ASAP. First wired and then confirmed~!

1) Join Seoul Hiking Group then RSVP on the event.
2) Please wire 106,000won to my account
Bank name: Kookmin Bank
Bank account number: 762301-04-223562,
Account name: 김승일(Seoul Hiking))

If you are paying the day of the trip, the price is 115,000won (only if spots are available!)

A. ₩98,000: now - Friday Dec, 2nd
B. ₩103,000: ~ Friday Dec,9th

♣ ♣ for those who traveled with us previously:
you’re eligible for a discount.
If you traveled with the Seoul Hiking Group before:
1~2times/ -₩2,000
3~4times/ -₩4k won
5~6T/ -₩6k, 7~8T/ -₩8k, 9 more times ~/ -₩10k

♣♣♣ MUST register a form in order to get the proper gear IN ADVANCE !
-> CLICK below to confirm, RSVP, check shoe sizes and then check the confirmed list!
After you've completed the wire transfer please copy and paste and modify it on the Facebook wall

(If you don’t want your information visible on the Facebook wall, please send an email to:

------------Copy and modify--------

1. TITLE: Dec 17th~18th Ski/Snowboard Trip To Yongpyeong,snow-capped pension, Free Instruction
(please add names when you wire money for friends)
3. EXACT TIME, DATE and how much ₩ you wired :
4. choose ONE PLACE to be picked up: Hapjeong,Sinyongsan station, Express Bus Terminal,Dongcheon ),

--------------copy and modify-------------


(check below for map) 
BUS STOP(choose one) :
650AM:Hapjeong,710AM:Yongsan stn,725AM:Express bus terminal,745AM: Dongcheon station in Jukjeon

Map of pickup for the firsttimers 


rental shop
- check gears, rent clothes
- get lift ticket

Ski resort - get the lift ticket from our guide , free instruction

return gear, those who want to ski on Sundayy pick up lift ticket for Sunday

dinner together, Party Party


Breakfast together
- optional, Sunrise hike to behind pension, Horse track, Nature Slope

bus run to rentalshop, shuttle from rentalshop to resort, waterpark
Seonjaryong famous hiking trail, town, 

(1 PM : resort : bus pick up at the parking lot
- 12PM check out and move our bags to the front (or rent a locker)
(130 PM : pension & rental shop : bus pick up at the parking lot)
departs for Seoul and arrive approx. at 5~6PM depending on traffic,Gangbyeon(East seoul express bus terminal) / Yongsan station

♣ Refund Policy
In order to get a refund you must include the following: Bank information, trip name, bank name, account number and how much you wired.

* There is a 10,000 won cancellation fee for those that cancel 3 days prior to the trip. You do however, have the option to save the money for credit for future trips (avoid the cancellation fee!)

-For those that cancel 48-24 hours before departure, you are eligible for a 50% refund or you can use credit of (50%+10,000) for future trip
-For those that cancel 24 hours before departure you may use 30,000won as credit towards future trips. OR you can be reimbursed 20,000won
*IF you fail to show up, you will not get a refund

Seoul - Korea (South)

Saturday, December 17 at 7:00 AM


Cream Pain Reliever
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Cream Pain Reliever

사업자 : 주식회사 국제교류진흥원 | 사업자번호 : 214-88-23731 | 대표자,개인정보관리책임자 : 류도영 | 주소 : 서울 서초구 서초동 1678-4 지웰타워 1301호 | TEL : 02-501-7151

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