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photoIndigo Hill - Hiking in Korea, Travel in Korea

#Hiking in Korea  

#Travel in Korea  

Dear friends !
Snow hiking season finally arrived ! We will take you to Mt, Sobaeksan - National Park - which will give you a grandeur of snowy mountain view ! 

We will go joined hiking  with Warrant Kim's Group, and I will mainly take charge of hiking and will take more care of people who sign-in Indigo Hill.  

===♥ Introduction ♥=== 

♣ Sobaeksan Mountain (소백산) is renowned for its natural splendor and mystery, standing tall in the middle of the Korean peninsula, and offering several magnificent peaks, such as Hyeongjebong, Sinseonbong, Gukmangbong, Birobong, and Yeonhwabong. Its captivating seasonal beauty (royal azalea in spring, wildflowers in summer, autumn foliage in fall, and snowscape in winter) attracts visitors year round. The open grass field on Birobong Peak (비로봉; 1,439 m in elevation) is reminiscent of a scene from the Swiss Alps. The Sobaeksan Optical Astromony Observatory (SOAO) located upon Yeonhwabong Peak (1,349 m in elevation) is the historic cradle of Korean astronomy. The Sobaeksan Royal Azalea Festival is held near Danyang-gun in early June every yea

===♥ Bus Pick-up ♥===

11:00 PM Hapjeong, out exit8, 100m from Exit 8,  in front of Seven Eleven Store

11:15 PM Sinyongsan,(신용산역),exit2(from Yongsan stn, walk to white huge LS tower) 

11:30 PM Express bus terminal,(고속터미널역),

L3 or L7 or L9 / Exit8,in front of Shinsegae Department store.- please,don't go to exit8-1,8-2.

11:50PM: Dongcheon station in Jukjeon 

- The bus runs on an EXACT schedule. Please come 10~20 MINUTES EARLIER . WE CAN'T CALL PEOPLE WHO DOESN'T SHOW UP.  

- Express bus terminal is huge mega-size station. 
- Please, use a RESTROOM(subway station) before boarding the bus.

===♥ Estmated Itenery ♥=== 

A). Relax At Jjimjibang(common room to sleep and bath,gaun) -> 9AM.Morning Hike on your own( as the hiking trail is simple enough to follow the direction signs -> Festival -> 5PM head to seoul

B). As soon as we arrive there.4AM,SunriseHike->Relax Jjimjibang ->Festival

-> 5PM head to seoul

C). Free itinerary.Relax at Jjimjibang-> no hiking, Festival Only.

♣ Taebaek Snow Festival

- regarded as one of the most three spiritual mountain(TaeBaeksan,Jirisan,Manisan) in Korea.

- there are used to have many ceremonies for the important national special events (such as, starting place of parade of torch for Olympic,etc)

- To see sunrising in this mountaion from the east sea you can see lines of pilgrime of hikers even before the dawn.The best sunrising at this mountain.

- the trails in this mountain are quite well arranged and good to walk.not such a rocky terrain nor steep trails.

2 types : Festival area, Danggol parking lot 당골주차장 -> to the peak

*short: 2Hour up/1.5H down,

*long 5-hour hike: 2H up/1.5H, 1 more peak / 1.5H down

5,000won for deposit, will be refunded.

Most of trails snow would be packed and good to walk.

Some steep part will be helped with fences and poles on the trail. However the crampons give you stable grabs on your shoes,it's very quick and simple to hook on your shoes.It's safer to walk snow-covered path as it is cushioning and soft.

the hiking trails are very clear as most of 90% of all the hikers will do the same route which is the shortest and pass by the Manggyeongsa temple. 
There should be many groups of other hiking group ,so it would not be confusing, but it'd better hike together with seoul hiking group. 
Save number just in case of need!

ticketing gate -> 1.7km/60min -> Janggunbawui 장군바위 -> 10 min -> Banjae 반재 -> 1.7km -> Manggyeongsa Temple 망경사 -> 10 min -> Cheonjedan 천제단 alter

05:00 PM hiking trails, details of hiking trails will be informed again!

04:00 PM finish hiking, 

find a place to have dinner together!

=== ♥ Costs and Options ♥ ===

38,000 won includes 

- chartered bus transportation 
- chartered bus,Trip leader, snacks(muffin, banana)

===♥ Subway Station Map ♥=== 

 Korean : 
 English : http://www.seoulmetro...

  === ♥ How to Join ♥  === 

 1. RSVP 'join' to this event.

 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How to Confirm your Trip !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

 *** Bank Account***

Name on account: Lord Tiffany Martine Leigh 로드티파니마틴레이 

Bank: Woori Bank (우리은행)
Account Number: 1002-352-810525
Send e-mail ( filling out information as below

(AFTER your deposit):
1.TITLE: Taebaeksan Snow Festival
3.exact time and when and how much you wired : 
4.where you take the bus at : (PLEASE choose one : Hapjeong/Sinyongsan stn/Express bus terminal/Jukjeon, ETC)
5. My phone No. : 

2. Make sure to receive CONFIRMATION e-mail from Indigo Hill Admin. 

 If you don't receive COMFIRMATION e-mail,

3. No "Late Bird" extra. No Cancellation Fee. BUT NO SHOW, NO REFUND.

 ===♥ Preparation ♥  === 
0. Hiking Shoes.
1. Water(Hot water is better).  

2. Extra clothes to change into after the activity 
3. Extra Socks for change 
4. Snacks and lunch 
5. poncho (in case of snow) and crampons. 
6. Crampon Should be  brought.  

* hiking snacks : trail mix,chocolate,candy

* meal for lunch : bread,gimbab,rice cake etc

* camera,cash,cell-phone

** Above is approximate time table and is subject to change. **

  ===♥ Technical Difficulty ♥ ===
 Easy, Intermediate 

=== ♥ Safety Policy ♥ ===
♥♥♥♥ SAFETY FIRST ♥♥♥♥ 

♥♥♥♥ Please be careful and mindful of safety ♥♥♥♥
 You must take all responsibility for any accident incurred during any group activity hosted by Indigo Hill.
 We are not liable in anyway during or after the trip.

  ===♥ Contact ♥===  
 010 - 5260 - 9961  Eric Kim :

Out of Seoul City and Gyounggi P - Korea (South)

Friday, January 20 at 11:00 PM


Price: 38.00 USD

Cream Pain Reliever
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Cream Pain Reliever

사업자 : 주식회사 국제교류진흥원 | 사업자번호 : 214-88-23731 | 대표자,개인정보관리책임자 : 류도영 | 주소 : 서울 서초구 서초동 1678-4 지웰타워 1301호 | TEL : 02-501-7151

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