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Seoul Hiking Nature Group

Bukaksan 북악산, Seoul Fortress 서울성곽, Kim Shin-jo north korean spy trail 김신조스파이길


Hi~! all! This Thursday!

The trails of this mountain is right next to Blue House , Cheongwadae (청와대,the presidential residence),has a view to the heart of Seoul.

 We will start to walk along the Seoul Fortress and walk along the  so-called Kim Shin-jo north korean spy route on Bukaksan! (Kim shin-jo is one of the most well-known defector who tried to assasinate president 1968). This trails keep surprisingly deep forest and so calm and silent, it feels like somewhere not in


You can have entire view to seoul, especially Jongro ,Myeongdong, Dongdaemun area and Bukhansan National Park!

 Then, the trails keep going to the Sky Madang at the peak of this mountain which has 360 bird-eye view to entire Bukhansan National Park! 

 After peak, we will descend to a temple and then near Kookmin University. At the bottom, there are bars beloved by university students as it's good and very cheap price, we will fill up our stomache with warm soup and a drink as long as you want.  There is a bus stop to go Yonsei Univ in 20 minutes or to the place we started hiking!

* MEETING at: 730PM,Hanseong Univ.(한성대입구) station/line4,exit 6 , it's next to Hyehwa station.

* PRE-HIKING DINNER Anyone up for dinner, meeting exit6, 630PM! 등산전 간단한 저녁식사는 6시 30분! 5,000won korean set meal with 12 sidedishes ,rice and soup!

* come early to say hello,buy water,etc 

* Finish around 1030PM near the same subway station.

* please,join and be a member of Seoul Hiking Group! life is going to be surprisingly great in Korea! 

if you have not hiked before in Seoul and those who have 

- fear of cold, you feel warm just after walking 30 minutes later, feel comfortable on this weather after hiking

- fear of high altitude, you'll experience the gradual changes of altitude

- fear of walking, as long as you step one by one, you will complish the hiking!

- fear of night, night is bright as soon as our eyes get accustomed to darkness!

Strongly recommanded as you will have chance to overcome!

Hope see you then!

♣ Please prepare comfortable shoes, extra layer of clothes to wear on top to enjoy view! 

When you go to work on thursday,take a sack with shoes and cloths to change.

as soon as you finish work, join the hiking! :)

출근할때 신발과 갈아입을 옷을 색에 넣어가지고 가서, 일을 끝나고 갈아입은후(또는 도착해서 지하철 화장실) 바로  오세요


1)♣ No Fee

However, we will get 5,000won for the 'firsttimers to weekend bus trips and events' and give out 5,000won coupon to use at any upcoming weekend trips and events if the trips include fee,such as chartered bus and accomodation.

FIRST TIMERS please prepare 5,000won in cash! Thank you so much!



2) Must RSVP 'yes' to this event.

SERIOUSLY! NO RSVPed may not be allowed to join~!

Simple and easy to join and enjoy event, RSVP in advance~!

* NOTE: If you want to bring a friend, please let him/her JOIN AND READ this event page and RSVP.So not to make them strangers on this event!


♣"Seoul Hiking Night" Group Event Organiser Recruit : Anyone wants to organise night hiking close mountain to their area,please let me know so that I can give administration and can share some information! 집 근처에서 이벤트를 진행하고 싶으면 언제든지 신청해주세요. 필요한 정보와 이벤트 진행 방법을 알려드립니다.


이벤트 내에 작은 이벤트

♣ Book Exchange : books about nature,bring your book just finished or all time favorite and exchange at least I will bring one, so please bring yours! 책을 나누기

♣ Poem Reading : pick up a poem from book for this beautiful fall season and read out together 시를 읽기


운동효과 증가시키기

If you want to get more exercise from walking, you can wear WEIGHTS on your ANKLE, WRISTS, or BACK. It is a good idea to wear around 0.5kg ~ 1kg in the beginning and work your way up. You

can also bring a BACK PACK and use it as a BACK WEIGHT. Load it up with heavy books, a laptop, a tripod or walking snacks for everyone~!


Most of the places we go hiking have wonderful outdoor gyms. We can try PULL-UPs, PUSH-UPs,SIT-UPs, etc.Let's do it!

멋진 야경 찍기 알려드릴께요!

- if you are interested in taking some good pictures and especially night shots, it will be a good


- You would better bring a SLR camera to adjust the shutter speed and aperture manually.

So you can find proper setting. You don't have be a professional but need some passion for this!

- bring a tripod for stability.you can take adventage of some obstacles instead

- As we will find a best place and will be taking break,you can enjoy taking pictures of view and

some objects you want to take constantly


When you join first time, to read below to know more about night hiking!

서울에서 다양한 야간산행

some people think hiking is just for physical exercise but hiking say much more other things.

To get rid of stress is the key to live in modern society and get some good inspiration is not easy

from busy life. Hiking in mountain implies more about creativities,happiness,cure of mind,etc

the hiking in seoul is very busy in day time,but it is very quiet and peaceful at night!

* sometimes we walk some part of han river, town(Insadong,Hongdae,Myeongdong) together

It feels like real urban hike along the waves of people and crowded street and with nature!

♣ sometimes we walk 2 mountains next to each other,such as

- Achasan and Yongmasan, sometimes till Mang-u san,

- Ansan and Baekryeonsan,

- Daemosan and Guryongsan

♣ Seoul Hiking Night Events 서울하이킹나잇의 이벤트

- Normally, we walk around 2~2.5 hours / 6~8km.We finish around 1030PM, so you will be able to take the subway home since they run until about midnight.

- most of time we hike for 30~60 minutes ascending and break for 30 minutes and descend

- most of time,we hike with moonlights even without lantern.you can prepare lantern.

- night hiking is very safe,as we have been hiking for 4 years and we don't cancel in rainy day.we

hike on rain coats or umbrella.we hike a bit short and take some time to enjoy rain in a cafe or etc

♣ Mountains we can hike 서울의 아름다운 야경을 볼 수 있는 산행

1.Nam san (262m) : middle of seoul, namsan tower, seoul fortress

2.Buk-ak san (342m) : Jong-ro,Seo-dae-mun,Gang-buk gu,the mountain behind of presidential residence,Seoul fortress

3.In-wang san (338m) : Jong-ro,Seo-dae-mun, next to Buk-ak san,Inwang sa temple zen rock,Seoul fortress

4.Baek-ryeon san(215m) : west, Seodaemun,Hongdae,

5.An san(295.5 m) :west, Yonsei Univ, Seodaemun prison park

6.Su-rak san (638m 2,093ft) : No-won gu,beautiful rocky mountain,border of Nam-yang-ju,Ui-joeng-bu

7.Bul-am san(508m) : No-won gu, a giant rocky peak

8.A-cha san (287meter high): east,gang-dong gu,gwang-jin gu,han river view,remains of fortress from Goguryo Dynasty,border of Guri city

9.Yong-ma san (348 m) : next to A-cha san

10.Mang-u san (281 m) : national cemetery of patriots,poems,writers

11.Cheong-gye san(618m) : Gang-nam,soil terrain and hiking trails,seoul grand park

12.Gwan-ak san (632m 2,073ft) : Gang-nam,Iconic mountain of gangnam and Seoul National Univ

13.Dae-mo san (292m) : Gangnam,Gaepodong

14.Gu-ryong san (306m) : next to Daemosan

15.U-myeon san (313m) : Korea art center

16.Eung-bong san (94m) : Gwang-jin gu,next to han river,artificial rock climbing


걷기의 치유효과,걷기 여행의 즐거움

Not only will you benefit your body, but your mind as well.

- See the real world closely.

- Breathe naturally and relaxing on your mind.

- Gain a balance of your body and mind.

- Ready for peaceful soul

Walking has many diverse advantages towards your emotions and imagination as well as to your

mind. Most people only think about the physical benefits of walking and running. However, we need

to walk in order to rid ourselves of stress, gain peace of mind, and be able to see the real society

closely. Walking is the best way to gain balance in life. Drinking can easily relax you, but that can

fade quickly. Walking is a kind of way to meditate and finding yourself.

- There are several different types of walking. 다양한 걷기의 방법

Walk the road that you have never walked before.

Walk the road that you walk almost every day.

Walk the road that you've walked a long time ago, so that you feel at ease.

Walk the road that is not crowded, such as a field at rural cities.

Walk the road that is very crowded and see unexpected and diverse things.

Walk the road in the mountains, so that you can experience the effects of elevations,wonderful fresh air,gorgeous trees,forest,flowers,leaves,birds,stones.

Walk long or short distances.

Walk fast or leisurely.

Walk wide roads together with friends and enjoy talking.

Walk narrow paths alone.

We are all human travelers in this same space and time of our lives~!

♣ Open horizons to Korea, Explore the Real Korea, hike in nature!

♣ Love nature~! Let's spend at least a day with nature on the weekends!

♣ Meet new people and make friends~!

♣ NATURE and CULTURE and PEOPLE come together with the SEOUL HIKING GROUP!*

Seoul - Korea (South)

Thursday, April 27 at 7:30 PM



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