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WinK Travels

Hello Everyone,
We have a special opportunity to set sail on the Tallship Koreanna in the southern edges of Korea island hopping, swimming, diving off the boat, and camping out on the docks having a sweet time on the weekend with the most daylight of the year. This is one of the best trips we offer only once or twice a year and definitely not to be missed. ABOUT THE KOREANA
1. Koreana is 41 meters (134 ft) long and weigh 136 tons.
2. It was made in the Netherlands in 1983.
3. It came to Korea in 1995 and restored.
4. The ship is not a spacious cruise ship like but more like a training vessel for sailors. But there is lots of places on deck to sit and lie down and hangout in as the breeze keeps you cool.
5. There are various places you can sleep such as bunk beds and reclining chair.
6. The ship has sleeping spaces to cover 40 people underneath. The maximum capacity is 60 people.
7. There is a big cooling fridge where you can store your valuable drinks. Bring special plastic bags that will mark which is your bag in the fridge.
8. One of the great things about a tall ship cruise is that you can do diving off the ship. We plan to do as much jumping off the boat diving and swimming as we can out in the blue seas!^^

1. Sa-Do Island: Sa-Do is an unique island with footprints of dinosaurs that marched there. The foot prints are 84 meters long (about 300 feet). Also there are fossilized remains of a tree that was there 100 million years ago. This is also where we plan to stay overnight.
2. Gae-Do Island: There is a makgeolli factory. We can get off on the island and head over to the makgeolli factory for a quick tour. We will get a case of makgeolli for some fresh makgeolli tasting.^^ And lots of jumping and swimming in the area.
3. Ha Hwa Do Island: There is a wild flower hiking trail, so bring your sneakers.
4. Geum O Do Harbor at Ham Gumi is so picturesque. And there is a cliff walk hiking trail that is so refreshing and a good light work out. ALL FIVE MEALS INCLUDED!
Sat Breakfast: Toasted Bagels with Cream Cheese
(And Assorted Muffins and Brewed Coffee and Tea and Hot Choco)
Sat Lunch: Ham and Cheese or Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches
(We will also take some Korean ramen and big pot to make some special Korean spicy ramen.)
Sat Dinner: Grilled Mushroom Cheese Burgers
(How do you like your burgers? If you have any special requests please let us know.
For vegetarians we will make a batch of vegetarian chili and have melted shredded cheddar cheese over bread.)
Sun Breakfast: Breakfast Burritos
Sun Lunch: Chili Cheese Dogs

Sunrise: 5:17AM
Sunset: 7:46PM


6/23 (Fri)
10:00PM Suwon Station Pickup
10:45PM Meet 교대역 (Seoul Nat. Univ. of Education Station) Exit #14 Walk 1min to WinK Bus
11:15PM Depart
11:30PM Jukjeon Bus Stop by Tollway
11:55PM Anseong Rest Stop (Pyeongtek Area)

6/24 (Sat)
12:30AM Mang Hyang Rest Stop (Cheonan Area)
1:15AM Daejeon Bus Terminal Pick Up
2:45AM Jeonju pickup (Jeonju Korea Hospital)
3:45AM Suncheon Bus Terminal Possible
5:15AM Arrive Harbor, Rest in Bus (Pitch Tent)
(CU Convenience Store nearby)
8:00AM Board Boat
9:00AM Set Sail
Island Hopping at Makgeoli Island of Gaedo
Sa-Do Dino Island
NOON Sandwich Lunch
7:00PM Mushroom Burger Dinner
Party the Night Away

6/25 (SUN)
8:00AM Breakfast Burritos
10:00AM Depart
11:00AM Hwa-Do Island
12:30PM Lunch
2:30PM Arrive Marina, Depart for Seoul
5:30PM Daejeon Drop Off
7:30PM Arrive 교대역


If you cannot meet with us at a pickup location you can meet us at the harbor. Email us to discuss what might be the best way to get there if you are not too familiar with bus schedules.

1. Departs Busan Nopo at 7:10PM or 10:40PM (last bus) and takes 3hr 10min.
2. Departs Busan Seobu (Sasang) at 8:30PM (last bus) and takes 2hr 50min.
3. Departs Daegu Seobu at 7PM (last bus) and takes 4hrs.
4. Departs Gwangju (20:40, 21:00, 21:40, 22:20, 22:30, 22:40, 23:00) and takes 1hr 50min.
5. Ulsan to Busan Nopo then to Yeosu.
6. Gumi to Daegu Seobu then to Yeosu or Gumi (8:30PM) to Daejeon.
7. Depart Masan at 8PM (last bus) and takes 2hr 40min.
There are several motels across the street from the Yeosu bus terminal. Perhaps people can share rooms and share cab ride in the morning to the harbor. Another option is to go to Jjimjilbang about 5 min away by taxi. Then take taxi in the morning to the harbor. Let us know if you want to meet up with others and we will try to coordinate. COST

The basic cost is 194,000 won if deposit is made before 5/24 and includes:
1. Tall Ship Island Hoppin Cruise for 2 Days
2. Round Trip Private Bus to Marina
3. Bagels/Muffins Breakfast Saturday
4. Sandwiches Lunch Saturday
5. Grilled Mushroom Cheese Burger Dinner
6. Breakfast Burritos Sunday
7. Chili Cheese Dogs Lunch Sunday
8. Gaedo Makgeolli Brewery Visit and Drinking
9. Trip Leaders

Starting 5/25 and on or before 6/7, the basic cost of this trip will be 197,000 won.
Starting 6/8 and on or before 6/14, the basic cost of this trip will be 199,000 won.
Starting 6/15 the basic cost of the trip is 204,000 won.

Add or deduct to the basic cost the following options:
1. Add 10,000 to rent a 2 person tent. Add 15,000 to rent a 3 person tent.
(Also add 30,000 won deposit per tent which will be returned when the tent is returned in same condition)
2. Add 5,000 to borrow a rolling mat.
3. Subtract 25,000 won if you will meet us at the Marina. (This discount is limited to 10 people maximum. Check with us to see if this discount is still available)

4,000 KRW off for each person of a group of 5 to 9.
5,000 KRW off to each person of a group of 10 or more.
*TO APPLY: The group leader must email all names that will receive the discount from which point all deposits from those on that list must be received within 24 hours.*
Group Discount Sign Up means Refund is not available but name change is possible. Also additional group discounts are not available after the initial deposit has been made. FREQUENT TRAVELER DISCOUNT
2,000 KRW off for having attended 1 or 2 trips.
3,000 KRW off for having attended 3 or 4 trips.
5,000 KRW off for having attended 5 to 9 trips.
10,000 KRW off for having attended 10 or more trips.
**TO APPLY: List all of the trips you have been on in your confirmation email after making your deposit.**

Choose one of the discounts. Both discounts cannot be applied.
Please email us for all question to: wheninkorea@gmail.com

It can be a bit warm down below depending on the weather and can be cramped and stuffy. They are not all bunk beds but some are reclining chairs and some are just areas where you can lie down like on a bench seat. So most people prefer to sleep outdoors and pitch tents. You can rent our tents. (bring your own blankets since skipper will not allow blankets in the ship below to be taken above) You may want to bring your own rolling mat if you have one.
The ship has sleeping spaces to cover 40 people underneath. The maximum capacity is 60 people. RENTING TENT
To rent a tent please add 30,000 won deposit which will be returned when the tent is returned in the same condition.

Sleeping bag and tent if you plan to sleep outside
Plastic Bag to store wet clothing or shoe
Phone charger
You can buy drinks at the GS25 store at dock

1. For meals we try to guess the right amount to bring but depending on which item is more popular certain items may be all gone so please get to the meal sooner than later for more selection.
2. The ship cruising schedule depends on factors such as weather and sea tides. The captain reserves the right to change course as nature conditions change but we will make every effort to stay on course and on schedule.
3. Safety is important. Alcohol should be consumed in moderation.

And don't bother with hassle of trying to convince a friend to go. Many people sign up by themselves and make new long lasting friends. Great trips do that!^^

--------------------SIGN UP PROCEDURE--------------------
Please click the link below and you can find information about this trip and procedure.

Seoul - Korea (South)

Friday, June 23 at 11:00 PM



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