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WinK Travels

Tour of Both Areas of the DMZ with a NK Defector:
Paintball, Bungee and Unlimited Makgeolli Tasting Day Trip:

Hello All,
The WinK tour of both areas of the DMZ is the best in Korea. It's gotten so many great reviews, folks from overseas contact us asking when our tour is to see if it can match up with their visiting days. We are the only tour group that does both sides of the DMZ with a North Korean Defector.
And this Cheorwon area is also famous in Korea for the only bridge bungee jump in Korea. And also great time of the year for make believe combat game of Paintball!
So let's combine these great activities into one with a overnight stay at a pension to make it a really fun filled epic weekend!

We can play, in the region where the most devastating battles took place during the Korean War(Iron Triangle), a paintball game that has aspects of childhood hide-and-seek games. We will be wearing safety measures on the face and the torso and shoot each other with colors. Weather will be great for outdoor activities and each will be given 150 paintballs. Paintball instructors will guide and help us with safety measures, gears, paintball guns and game rules.

ATV (4 wheel motor bike)
If time allows, we can go for ATV riding. It depends on how long the paintball games take and how many people are interested to do ATV rides. ATV will be 25,000 won and will approximately take 1 hour of riding. No licence required. BRIDGE BUNGEE JUMP
This is the only off the bridge bungee jump in Korea. Its 52 meters of sheer terror as you stare down at the moving water below. Those of us too scared to jump will be cheering you on from below by riverside and feel almost as scared as you are about to jump down. You may jump by waist, or if you're feeling particularly daring, by ankle. Its 30K won to do waist jump and 35K to do ankle jump. Pay in advance to make sure there is space. Or pay on the spot but space may not be available.

We will make sandwiches under the bungee jump bridge. There are many places to sit down and relax and watch fearless friends bungee jump. It will be self serve and will have the good stuff like munster cheese and tomatoes and dijon mustard. It will be so good you may want seconds. ^^

We will stay a nice pension overnight. And we will have Korean Pork BBQ for Dinner. Then afterwards a nice relaxing evening with drinks you can get from nearby market. Some say this is the best part of the weekend!^^

MAKGEOLLI MUSEUM (Unlimited Drinking)
On the way home we will go by our favorite makgeolli museum. So let’s make a stop and you can taste various different kinds of Korean traditional alcohol. The types of alcohol will range from the 5-6% alcohol content (unpasteurized kind that taste fresh and last only a few days to the typical pasteurized that lasts longer and more varied in flavor types) to typical 12% fruity types to the 30-40% strong alcohols. Unlimited tasting included in the trip price.

As far as DMZ tours go there are two main areas. The first is the Im Jin Gak area to the northwest, where you can enjoy the Freedom Bridge and Tunnel #3, which is directly across. You can also explore the observation deck, where you can see the Gaesung Industrial Complex and North Korean towns and North Koreans moving about.

The second is the Cheol Won area which is about 1 hour east from Imjingak and directly north of Seoul where you can go to a very nice observation deck and Tunnel #2, as well as a battle field where a soldier who is currently on guard who speaks English will take you on a fascinating tour.

While Im Jin Gak is developed and modern, full of food stalls, fanfare and general hustle and bustle, Cheol Won is much quieter and traditional, preserving the way it's been for decades. The Cheol Won area also tends to be more lenient on taking photos as well. Although a majority of people prefer Cheol Won, both are worth seeing, and it really depends on your preference.

The difference between these areas is that Im Jin Gak is more famous (gateway to Gaesung business complex as well as Panmunjum with the main bridge that would connect north and south) and more crowded and more developed with food stalls and fanfare.

Most DMZ tours only allow you to see one area or the other,
but since its tough to decide since each offers its own unique view of the DMZ we decided that we should do both!

This is the best DMZ tour in Korea. Period. Other "DMZ tours" do only half the trip. Its like getting half the meal or watching half of a movie. Not cool.

To do both areas we have to leave early and stick to schedule. And the monorail ride up to the observation deck is included in the price!^^

We must receive passport # or ARC # IN ADVANCE so we can print it out on a list to submit. And you MUST bring your passport or ARC with you. You must have either with you to get past. Please include this information in the email (wheninkorea@gmail.com) you send to us.

There is no dress code except that you are not wearing something obscene or something that could be a problem walking in Seoul. The floor of the tunnel has an uneven surface, so certain types of shoes like high heels would not be advised. Korean nationals can also join. For lunch you will be free to choose from a variety of Korean restaurants including within walking distance:
Marinated Beef Bulgogi
Hot Clay Bowl Bi Bim Bob
Kalguksoo Mandoo Dumpling Noodle House
Tofu House

If you are a fast eater you will have time to walk down to the canyon. Also there is a statue of Im Kuk Jeong who is like the Korean Robinhood. And really, who doesn't love Robin Hood?

I looked into Panmunjum/JSA visit and found out that the only way to go there is by a tour package ran by 4 government authorized travel agencies. The Panmunjum only day trip is 77,000 won and starts from Seoul. If you add the tunnel #3 tour it is 125,000 won. Its a bit pricey and no way to do Panmujum and both areas of the DMZ in one day. We suggest you do our both areas of DMZ trip and then at a later time do the Panmunjum only tour if time allows. SCHEDULE
6/3 (Sat)
6:30AM Suwon Station pick up possible
7:15AM Depart Seoul Nat. Univ. of Education (교대역) Station Exit #14 (walk 1 min to WinK bus)
7:45AM Depart Hapjeong Station* Exit #8 walk to front of 7/11 store
8:30AM Tour Imjingak Area (Freedom Bridge, Tunnel 3, Dora Observation Deck, Dora Station)
11:00AM Depart Area
12:30PM Arrive Cheorwon Area, Lunch and Visit Canyon
Tour Cheorwon DMZ Area
5:00PM Finish Tour
6:00PM Check In to Pension
7:00PM Korean BBQ Pork Dinner

6/4 (Sun)
8:00AM Breakfast!
9:45AM Depart Pension
10:15AM Arrive at Bungee bridge
Bungee Jumping! and Sandwich Lunch
12:15PM Depart
12:30PM Paintball
2:00PM Depart
3:00PM Arrive at Alcohol Museum for Unlimited Alcohol Tasting
4:30PM Depart
6:30PM Arrive Seoul (교대역 Exit #14 at WinK Kitchen & Taphouse)
Arrival times can vary pending traffic conditions.
*Bus will not go to Hapjeong on the return.

The cost of this trip is 149,000 won if deposit is made before 5/29 which includes:
1. Chartered Private WinK Bus
2. DMZ Tour of Both Areas
3. Monorail Ride to Observation Deck
4. Nice Pension Overnight Shared Rooming
5. Paintball!
6. Pork Korean BBQ Dinner Event
7. Bagel with Cream Cheese Breakfast on Sunday
8. Sandwich Lunch by the Bridge on Sunday
9. Entry to Makgeolli Alcohol Museum (All You Can Drink Alcohol)
10. Trip Leader

After 5/30, the cost is 154,000.

Add 30,000 won if you want to do bridge bungee jumping by waist.
Add 35,000 won if you want to do bridge bungee jumping by ankle.
Let us know if you have any specific requests for rooming. Other trips are at:

2,000 KRW off for each person of a group of 5 to 9.
3,000 KRW off to each person of a group of 10 or more.
*TO APPLY: The group leader must email all names that will receive the discount from which point all deposits from those on that list must be received within 24 hours.*

2,000 KRW off for having attended 1 or 2 trips.
3,000 KRW off for having attended 3 or 4 trips.
5,000 KRW off for having attended 5 to 9 trips.
10,000 KRW off for having attended 10 or more trips.
**TO APPLY: List all of the trips you have been on in your confirmation email after making your deposit.**

Choose one of the discounts. Both discounts cannot be applied.
Please email us for all question to: wheninkorea@gmail.com

List of all upcoming trips at:

--------------------SIGN UP PROCEDURE--------------------
Please click the link below and you can find information about this trip and procedure.

Seoul - Korea (South)

Saturday, June 3 at 7:15 AM



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