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[Laughing Beans] Looking for part-time translators for Japanese and Mandarin (one person per language)
Laughing Beans
Laughing Beans is a global language learning platform. It currently focuses on Koreans learning English and English speakers learning Korean. Now we are expanding into Japanese and Mandarin.
1. Translate short sentences (English -> Japanese, or English -> Mandarin) (A total of 1500 sentences to translate per language)

2. Dictate about 10 sentences of 10 short videos in your native language.
Feb 8 - Mar 8 with a possibility of extension
To be discussed
1. Native Japanese and Mandarin speakers (Please note that we are looking for one Japanese speaker and one Mandarin speaker SEPARATELY)
2. Fluent in English (both written and verbal)
3. Interested in learning Korean. (You don't have to be able to speak or write Korean)
4. Prefer those who have a track record of their linguistic capabilities, such as translated
Near Sungshin Women's University Subway Station (4호선 성신여대입구역 근처)
~ Jan 31
Please submit your resume to support@laughingbeans.com. If you have any
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