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While impossible to confirm, legend has it that this is the sofa King Sejong the Great sat upon while composing the world famous Korean alphabet.

It's slight sag in the middle can be explained, allegedly, by King Sejong's two pet cats -  the 19-pound Consonant and the 21-pound Vowel - who insisted on sitting in his lap while he scribbled away.

The sofa must sit against a wall, as the back unfolds easily in an inexplicable, supernatural tribute to Sejong and his favorite letter

Designed with the same spirit of simplicity as Hangul, which can be learned in an afternoon by a person of less than average intelligence, Sejong's sofa can easily be lifted and moved by a single person of less than average strength.


I also have some miscellaneous items (stools, glasses, blankets), which you can take a look at if you want. As far as I know, none of the miscellaneous items were ever owned by any Choseon royalty. However, I can't say for sure that they weren't.


Pick-up in Oncheonjang ONLY.

Send me a message to 0-1-0-9-5-4-7-0-five-1-nine.