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I'm selling a 2009 Hyundai Avante 1.6L AT in Suncheon, Jeollanamdo.

* It's done less than 120,000KM (75,000 miles).

* The mechanical and interior condition is outstanding. The body is not bad overall but has a number of scratches and dings. No rust though.

* I've had the car maintained properly, with oils and fluids replaced as needed. I also had the battery replaced in December 2015, so that should be good for some time.

* I had a state of the art navigation system installed when I bought the car in June 2015. It only provides directions in Korean, but the graphics are very clear and it's not difficult to use if you can read basic Korean. You can update it with a Korean computer and you can easily transfer MP3s to the 32GB removable SD card.

* The car has heated front seats, a USB port, electrically adjustable wing mirrors, rear parking sensors, and a rear parking camera.

* The Avante is one of the most popular cars in Korea and parts are stupidly cheap.

* The car's frame has evidence of a rear end collision. This does not affect its performance but it is reflected in the price. The list price for a car of this condition, with the integrated GPS navigation but zero accident history, would be 5.5M instead of 4.5.

* An inspection by a mechanic or used car inspector of your choice is possible, at your expense. An inspection by a licensed inspector should cost around 50,000KRW. I can take you to the licensed inspector near to my house if you don't object to using the guy I recommend.

* An accompanied test drive is possible. You can even test it on the expressway as long as you pay the toll. Note that it will be at your liability, as my insurance does not cover additional drivers.

It's an exceptionally reliable car that drives a lot better than most cars of its age, type and mileage. I'm selling it because I've upgraded to a much faster car. I'm selling it privately because dealers didn't offer a fair price.