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Do you think the price of gold is likely to go higher with Donald Trump as the US president for the next 3+ years?

I have two 2006 1/10th ounce US gold eagles for sale.  They are certified by NGC and the serial numbers can be searched in their database.  They are extremely high grade- certified Mint State 69.  There is only one grade higher-MS 70.  They are a great investment as the premium on the coins will go up each year as they age.  These are graded coins not raw coins.

I already have several others and am looking to sell these two to buy larger gold coins for myself.

Cross listed on several other sites.  

$170 each- which equals KRW193.000 each

NGC's price guide
Check 2006 Eagle G$5 MS69 you will see it listed at exactly $170

Here are Ebay listings of similar coins going for $299-$250